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Now the dust has settled it is time to say the many thank yous that are due for making our time in Lincoln the absolute pleasure it was. Kevin O’Dwyer, the indefatigable artistic director of BPSW who we first met at Yorkshire Sculpture Park several years ago and selected us for the opportunity to make […]


We have arrived back in England and have a few days to reflect on the non-stop activity of the last three weeks. With the education programme, the public events and a constant stream of enquiring visitors we repeated the litany that had become our explanation of what we were doing and why many times a […]

Opening day

After the amazing weather of the the last three weeks, the opening was beset by freezing wind and grey skies but thankfully no rain. It didn’t seem to affect the turn-out too much and after speeches in the newly adorned Teepee burner the crowd took a tour of the sculptures. It was our last public […]

Yesterday was our final full day of construction before the opening. Larry spent half the day landscaping whilst we finished of and then we set to with rakes and shovels to tidy up his roughing out. We are both really excited by the finished piece.     

Tantalisingly close

Our decision to do staggered heights of 7 and 8 logs meant that Rick had peeled his last log and at the end of today we were very close to fitting the final few. Still lots to do though to prepare for final landscaping.      


Unexpectedly we had the help of Lonnie and his excavator for most of the day. He changed the bank levels then back filled with the cobble – far more efficient than if we had done it with the skid steer. It cost us a small fir tree but it was worth it for the progress.  […]

Level 5

At the end of today we had got to level 5 all round apart from one log that had red rot. It is becoming apparent that we may have to go 8 logs high……..   

Skid Steer

To add to out kubota tractor we now have a temperamental skid steer to load the ballast/cobble behind the logs. We are hoping this will help keep moisture off the back of the logs. 4 logs up for the half course today.